An 8 week journey to freedom...

What is the 'YOUphoria' Mentorship Program?

The 'YOUphoria' Mentorship Program is designed to have you peeling back the layers of false identity you have built up over lifetimes to reveal your own True Self. The focus of our time together is to rapidly move you into experiencing your true nature without having to do thousands of hours of meditation or running away to sit in the Himalayan Mountains 


This 8 week online mentorship is designed to integrate some of the deepest spiritual truths with the most powerful tools and exercises in order to elevate your consciousness & bring you into a strong state of alignment with Who You Truly Are. 


This will most likely be some of the most confronting, most challenging work you will ever do as it will have you facing your limiting beliefs, fears and conditioned behaviours in order to transcend them. However it will also be some of the most deeply rewarding, freeing and transformative work you will ever do. 


From my heart to yours this program is not for everyone. It is ONLY for those who feel the calling in their heart to discover themselves. Who are sincere truth seekers committed to doing what it takes to release themselves from the grips of their egoic (mind-created) identity. It is for those who are ready to live a life free of suffering, and pain, and who are ready to experience all that this human experience has to offer at an even deeper, more soulfully connected level. 

Apply for January 2019 now & I'll be in contact with you shortly.  

Who is this Program For?

This program is for you if...

  • You are ready to be free in all areas of your life 

  • You are ready to step into a life full of authenticity, love and abundance

  • You feel like you are here for something so much greater but don't quite know how to break through 

  • You have tried many other processes but still feel stuck, frustrated and confused

  • You have a deep desire to help others and to be a positive influence in the world

  • You often feel  annoyed by the "status quo" and societies rules, regulations and systems

  • ​You are ready to live your joy and to share that joy with other people

  • You desire to have deeply loving, connected relationships in your life

What's Different About This Program?

Your freedom from all suffering lies in this discovery and the direct experience of Who You Really Are. However, this experience is not one that can be reached through an intellectual process alone. Therefore the 'YOUphoria' Mentorship Program is a unique blend of metaphysics combined with specific tasks, exercises and practical tools designed to help you rid yourself of your unconscious limiting beliefs, behaviours and thoughts so that you can truly live life full of freedom and on your terms!

  •  2 x 1-1 private mentor sessions + an intention setting workbook


  •  8 x Weekly 90minute group zoom sessions covering the topics mentioned below in great detail

  •  In depth workbook that supports the content and weekly tasks

  •  24 hour support via moxtra, email & text

  •  Private Facebook group with the members of the group

  •  Individualized tasks and exercises set for you weekly

  •  100% accountability & support, with a non-negotiable contract between you and Holly, that you will be guided to go where you are needed to go in order to move in to alignment with your deepest truth.



Week 1: Integration & Clearing Cellular Trauma ~ the #1 reason you are being held back in life
Week 2: Emotional Alchemy ~ mastering your emotions & using them as a pathway to awakening
Week 3: Triggers and Conditioned Beliefs ~ understanding how to break all your old destructive patterns

Week 4: Enlightenment ~ how to embody the consciousness frequency of oneness in your everyday daily life
Week 5: Manifestation ~ utilising the laws of the universe to manifest the life of your dreams & MONEY!!!
Week 6: Relationships ~ defining unconditional love and EVERYTHING that gets in the way of it.  
Week 7: Death ~ what happens when we leave the body and how to face our greatest fear with ease and grace.
Week 8: Embodiment ~ living, breathing, creating and serving from a place of alignment. A channeled session.

A Unique Offering

As we begin to step into a new paradigm we are getting to re-define our relationship to EVERYTHING! For me playing with money has become an increasingly joyful process.


For this reason I have a particularly unique offering in which financial exchange between myself and those I work with does not need to be made until the end of our time together.

This structure has worked incredibly well and to date not ONE person who has finished the course has been unhappy to make the full investment!!!

We discuss all financial options in our 1-1 call after you have applied and yes, payment plans are most definitely available.


I'm creative and flexible with the investment to show you that money can be fun and that there is no limitation to what you can do, create and achieve.



Future Gift - 50% OFF 

Many of those who have been through YOUphoria have asked to take the course a second time. As a future gift, if you have been through the program once you can always take it a second time for 50% of the original investment. This offer will a last as long as 'YOUphoria' is running.

Why You're Afraid...


Fear is a completely normal experience when you are approaching this path. This is because the journey within is a dismantling process...and the mind doesn't like that idea much.

There is also a deep belief that if we are to look within, we will find something truly horrible, and so most people avoid looking at all costs.

The greatest irony is this...

The fear you feel is because you think you'll discover something horrible, however, what you'll actually find is more beautiful than the sun itself. You do not have to believe my words, because when you are ready you will realise this for yourself...

This program is for those who are ready!!!


"Having Holly enter my life has been game changing for me. I never knew how many untrue "stories" I had that were playing out daily, disrupting my confidence and disturbing my relationships. Holly showed understanding and taking control when I was going off the rails with "misbeliefs", redirecting me and showing me that all I needed is already inside me. Holly has helped me to drop the behaviors that haven't been working for me and to stay in the space outside of my thoughts so that I can be present in the now. I can now so easily recognise when my mind is taking over and move to the space where things are great and I can laugh at how ridiculous life can become. Holly's program of mentorship allows enough time for helpful changes to occur and she is not afraid to call you out if it is needed so that you can move to the best space in your life ever. I am excited to see where living in the space will open up and even more excited that I can share these moments with my family. Holly can help you reach where you need to be, she has so many resources to direct you to if needed. Other programs and ways I have tried have presented similar ideas/ideals but not in a way that resonated with me so that I could use it daily. I feel fully confident that those led to begin the mentorship will find the experience healing, confronting and so worth the time invested. Love you Holly xoxox"

~ Helen Gould

"I started this program because I was so disconnected and unhappy that I honestly didn’t know why I was here anymore. I am so grateful I found Holy because I seriously don’t know what I would have done otherwise. Holy is full of genuine love and will guide you to more than you imagined was possible...I thought this course would help to calm me but it has done so much more than brought me back. I have learnt that it is ok to be myself flaws and all that perfection is not the goal, I am not broken or unworthy and my loving heart is a gift not a curse. I am getting back into my singing and healing following my heart and living in the now more and more. There are no words really, just pure GRATITUDE"

~ Lisa Burges

"I can not articulate fully what you have done for me by way of pointing the way, but I can tell you that I feel it so deep, it’s has truly changed my life and now you are pointing the way to awakening for more people. So I do not search, but learn to understand and accept my person more. As someone who has done your mentorship and is mentored by you, please know from my heart to yours that you are incredible sister, your work is life changing. Words often elude me of which I don’t care, but I feel the change that has bought me deep loving awareness of my true self, which I could not have done without you, and now you are doing it for many more.... for the rest of your life. I’ve said it all before but I send you thankfulness and love from the space of all that is"

~ Glen Montgomerie


After years of “studying” spirituality and trying to get to know my true self only to be left feeling stagnant, frustrated and a constant slave to my ego… I cannot recommend this course enough. Holly’s incredible, nurturing guidance and weekly lessons/topics helped me peel back layer upon layer of limiting beliefs and pointless fears I had built up around myself my whole life! I cannot put a price on or fully articulate the absolute inner peace I have gained from my work with Holly and the other incredible 'YOUphoria' mentees. By acknowledging the tricks and blocks my ego created in an attempt to keep me safe I now experience a deep sense of peace, utter gratitude and enjoyment for life. This course helped me to realise we are not put on this earth to suffer and I was then able to surrender to endless joys in every area of my life. Holly’s encouragement and direction throughout this cause absolutely fast-tracked my awakening and thanks to her I can effortlessly go about my days with a grin from ear to ear while I revel in continuous awe and gratitude for how incredible it is to be on this journey called life

~ Zoe Carey


The YOUphoria Mentorship was one of the best experiences of my life and has now enabled me to be 100% sure on my soul and life purpose and how I would like to help others. It was not at all what I initially expected and was one of the best choices I have made! I have done a lot of courses in personal development - but nothing resonated with me as much as the " YOUphoria Mentorship " and its essence. Although limiting beliefs arose before committing, I just had an inner knowing that I had to say "YES". I loved being part of a group of like minded souls and connecting with each one of them. I now feel I have made life long connections. We are all so different but the same. Holly is such a beautiful soul and really holds space for you to connect back to who you have always been. She was so supportive from the first moment I had reached out to her and I felt 100% held in love the entire way through.The reason why I loved this mentorship so much, because it really enabled me to see past the mind and connect to "being" more than ever before. The tools were so helpful that I can continue to use them throughout life to help me get out of emotions or stuck thought patterns. Everything she explained throughout the mentorship my soul was saying "YES" and I knew this was the way of life. If you are thinking of doing this Mentorship, Don't think through the mind, connect with your heart and being and the answer will come to you. You will not regret the investment you are making for yourself! Love you Holly and again thank you.

~ Alyce Seneca


"What an incredible experience, diving into myself, floating into the ache with tools to move it through. Holly’s gentle depth and exquisite insight commands the attention of every section of your skin, invites the tumult and joy contained within to dance and move - energy in motion - releasing. I am so grateful to have the experience of her endless generosity and love, and highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarity on their journey, personal blocks, and purpose"

~ Carly Woods


"Working with Holly in the realm of emotional Release and awakening is very powerful! In attending her recent 'Trauma Release and Inner Healing' workshop I had no expectations and walked away feeling like I had more shifts than I could have anticipated! Every time I work with Holly I feel completely safe and supported which allows me to delve deeply into the necessary inner work allowing for transformational shifts in such a short space of time. I would absolutely recommend working with Holly to anybody who want's to make spiritual advancement in leaps and bounds"

~ Rosie Glover

"I am so thankful to Holly Clark for hosting her E-motional release and inner heeling workshop.I wasn't sure what to expect and was blown away with the techniques Holly used. Holly helped me to shift and release some old negative patterns that were no longer serving me. She created a safe and comfortable space for me to be able to push through my fears. I felt amazingly light and uplifted for days after the workshop. I would highly recommend any workshop or program that Holly hosted. Thank you for the life changing event"

~ Brento Kells

"I have been struggling with a specific childhood issue my whole life. Unable to resolve thru many other techniques over the years. After attending Holly's workshop I cleared it instantly !!! And now have the confidence and tools to apply this process when similar circumstances arise. Holly's teaching are from the heart. She is a testament to her studies and life experience. Showing true compassion and desire to help others achieve the same. Amazing connection with her audience, the teachings flowed into processes with everyone Releasing, Feeling Lighter and Happier. So profound. I am forever grateful to Holly and look forward to future events ... After all, it's a daily process to work on yourself, best to have the correct life skills to do it"

~ Jennifer Worrall


"The kind of rest you seek you will find not from sleeping but, from Awakening"

~ A Course in Miracles