India & Spiti Valley Spiritual Tour 2020


Boats on the Ganges in the holy city of Varanasi, India 

Key Monestry in Spiti Valley, border of India and Tibet 

Applications for June 3rd - July 3rd, 2020 Now Open

52 week repayment plans available until May 1st 2019

For thousands of years people from all over the globe have flocked to the ancient lands of India hoping to unlock the mysteries of life and it's little wonder why. Seeped in tradition and home to many mystics and masters, India is a wonderland of bizarre and life-changing experiences. 

In 2019 the doors are opening for a small number of people to come on spiritual tours of this ancient land with me. Starting in the south with Sri Ramana Maharshi's Ashram and making our way up into the Himalayan mountains where the Tibetan Buddhist monks spend their days; it's going to be an experience of a lifetime.


This journey is not just for those interested in sightseeing but who deeply desire to discover true peace and to liberate themselves from suffering this lifetime. Each place we travel offers an opportunity for awakening. Beginning with the teachings of Sri Ramana who taught the process of direct awakening using the methods of self inquiry, to Osho who gifted us with numerous exercises to liberate ourselves emotionally, to facing of with death in the holy city of Varanasi, to finding stillness within the mountains where many a past sage has found enlightenment.

Over the 21 days we will be traveling to 7 different regions, visiting 4 ashrams, exploring Varanasi, trekking through Spiti Valley and the Himalayan mountains, staying at a Tibetan Buddhist monetary before finishing in the romantic village of Manali. Below you will find a more detailed itinary.  


DURATION: 21 days/ 22 nights

ROUTE: Chennai > Tiruvannamalai > Coimbatore > Pune > Lucknow > Varanasi > Spiti Valley > Manali 

GROUP SIZE: max 14 people

GUIDES: Holly Clark & Stacy Arthurson

1. Sri Ramana Maharshi Ashram & Arunachala Mountain (days 1-3)

On day 1 we will travel to Arunachala mountain and Sri Ramana’s ashram in the South of India. Daily there are many activities including Vedic chanting, feeding the homeless and walking to the caves where Ramana himself sat. There is great importance to visiting this place as Ramana Maharshi lit the flame for self inquiry and trail blazed the pathway for direct awakening. Later on he became Papaji’s mentor, who became Mooji Baba’s mentor. All three sages teach “self inquiry”, a process I have found to be most powerful in coming to know the true self. Without Ramana none of this would exist and this tour would not be possible. Beginning here in a beautiful introduction, not only to India but to the process of awakening.   


A little about Ramana…


Ramana Maharshi was a Hindu sage commonly known by the name Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. He was born in what is now Tiruchuli, Tamil Nadu, India. In 1895, an attraction to the sacred hill Arunachala and the 63 Nayanars was aroused in him, and in 1896, at the age of 16, he had a "death-experience" where he became aware of a "current" or "force" which he recognised as his true "I" or "self". This resulted in a state that he later described as "the state of mind of Iswara or the jnani". Six weeks later he left his uncle's home in Madurai, and journeyed to the holy mountain Arunachala, in Tiruvannamalai, where he took on the role of a sannyasin, and remained for the rest of his life.


He soon attracted devotees who regarded him as an avatar and came to him for darshan ("the sight of God"), and in later years an ashram grew up around him, where visitors received spiritual instruction by sitting silently in his company asking questions. Since the 1930s his teachings have been popularized in the West, resulting in his worldwide recognition as an enlightened being.


Ramana Maharshi approved a number of paths and practices, but recommended self-enquiry as the principal means to remove ignorance and abide in Self-awareness, together with bhakti (devotion) or surrender to the Self.

2. Isha Yoga Centre & Sadhguru (days 4-5)

Here we will stay at the Isha Yoga Centre in the Velliangiri Mountains, situated in Coimbatore district and attend discourses by Sadhguru.


Sadhguru, a yogi and profound mystic of our times, is a visionary humanitarian and a prominent spiritual leader and is famed for saying “you are not a body, you are not even a mind”.


A contemporary Guru, rooted as strongly in mundane and pragmatic matters as he is in inner experience and wisdom, Sadhguru works tirelessly towards the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of all. His mastery of the mechanisms of life, an outcome of his profound experience of the Self, guides in exploring the subtler dimensions of life.


More information on the Isha Yoga Centre can be found here:

3. Osho’s Ashram in Pune (days 6-9)

Osho, as controversial as he was in his life and death, left a great legacy behind in both his teachings and spiritual practices. He had a great understanding that the “monkey mind” was often too strong to allow westerners to sit quietly in meditation thus he created many movement based practices; dynamic meditation being one of his most well known.


Our time at Osho’s ashram will be like no other. From the crack of dawn until 10pm each night there is a plethora of classes, courses and meditations to help you emotionally liberate yourself from all past trauma. A majority of these classes are heavily influenced by music, dance and somatic release.


No words can adequately describe this place, it is truly something that must be experienced.

4. Papaji’s Ashram in Lucknow (days 10-11)

From Osho’s we will be flying North to arrive at Papaji’s Ashram in the city of Lucknow.  Papaji had his first experience of awakening when he was just 8 years old and dedicated his life to discovering God. After traveling far and wide and meeting many masters, he finally took shelter at the feet of Ramana Mahrashi who taught him to leave everything transient aside and find the eternal abode within.


Again, no words can be used to adequately explain the experience of entering this sacred place where this beloved holy man spent many years of his life. Just Papaji’s laugh could bring people to freedom and almost no photo can be found in which he isn’t smiling from ear to ear. It's not uncommon to feel his presence and a deep sense of being 'home' when you walk in the gates. 


Whilst here we will be staying at his farm house which is just a small walk to his organic farm (an absolute paradise tucked away from the craziness of the local streets) as well as spending time in his ashram and the home he lived until he left his body.

5. The Ancient City of Varanasi & the Burning Ghats (days 12-14)

From Lucknow we will travel by train to the ancient city of Varanasi where we will stay right on the Ganges & visit the burning ghats. Many hindu’s believe that if their bodies are burned on the banks of Mother Ganges in the holy city of Varanasi then they will receive direct Mooksha (entrance into heaven) and the cycle of life and death will be over. More than 120 bodies are burned each day and the ghats are alight 24 hours.


In western culture we don’t face death, nor do we have the relationship the Hindus have with the passing of the soul. Seeing this first hand, as well as being submerged in the unbelievable city of Varanasi is a life changing experience. This city will confront, confuse you, anger you and delight you all at once! Whilst here we will also be exploring the old city (a labyrinth of pathways passing through bazaars, local shops and homes), taking a boat ride up the Ganga, attending the nightly Arti (offerings to the Ganges), visiting the place where the Bhudda gave his first sermon after enlightenment, spending time with the divinely beautiful children in Mother Teresa’s house & trying our hand at bartering in the local bazaar. 

6. Spiti Valley & The Himalayan Mountains (days 15-19) 

After being submerged in the relentless hustle and bustle of Varanasi we will be flying to Delhi before taking a bus ride north to begin our 5 day adventure through Spiti Valley. Spiti Valley is a cold desert mountain valley located high in the Himalaya mountains in the north-eastern part of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The name "Spiti" means "The Middle Land" and was given to this valley because it is the land between Tibet and India.


Here we will be visiting 5 mountain villages (Kinnaur, Nako, Tabo, Dhankhar, Kaza), one being a Tibetan Buddhist monetary where we will stay for 1 night. This will be time for self-reflection as you’ll be surrounded by the serenity and breathtaking beauty of the Himalayan Mountains.

See more of this magical place here:

7. Manali (days 20-21)

A high-altitude Himalayan resort town, Manali is situated in India’s northern Himachal Pradesh state and is generally known as a honeymoon destination or a great place for adventure lovers who love to ski, paraglide, go river rafting and much more.


This will be our final destination where we can take a day for R&R together before beginning the journey home. 

What's Included

  • Stay at Ramana Ashram in the village of Tiruvannamalai, South India

  • Walk the sacred mountain of Arunachala and visit the caves

  • Visit Sadaguru's temple and partake in the daily program

  • Stay at Osho's Meditation resort and participate in 6+ classes per day including dynamic meditation

  • Visit Papaji's and stay in the farmhouse, just two minutes from the organic farm and temple

  • Train ride to Varanasi

  • Visit the burning ghats of Varanasi

  • Explore the old city of Varanasi and it's labyrinth-like streets 

  • Visit where the Buddha gave his first sermon after enlightenment

  • Spend time with the children at Mother Teresa House (a deeply moving experience)

  • Visit the golden temple in Varanasi 

  • Visit the Monkey Temple in Varanasi 

  • Nightly Arit (offerings to the river)

  • Morning Yoga and vedic chanting on the Ganges

  • Take a boat ride up and down the Ganges

  • See how the locals make saris and scarves (this is mind blowing)

  • Visit the local bizarre and try your hand at bartering in the markets

  • Bus and trek through Spiti Valley surrounded by the Himalayan mountains

  • Visit many Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in the mountains of Spiti Valley

  • Spend one night in Key Monastery (4,166 meters above sea level)

  • Drive on some of the most breathtaking roads in the world in Himachal Pradesh 

  • Spend our final night together in the romantic village of Manila 

  • Internal flights, accommodation, travel, food and activities at each location are ALL covered in this package.


  • My 8 Week YOUphoria mentorship program & workbook (most of which will be covered during the trip)  Value = $979  

  • 4 x weekly integration call's after your return home. Value = $600

  • Lifelong bonds and friendships with 15 other souls on the same journey. Value = priceless

What's Not Included

  • International flights (between $500-$1000 from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne) *we can help you with booking these

  • Indian visa (approximately $50)

  • Spending money (approximately $400)


No India trip is truly complete without taking a local train, bouncing around a bus and squeezing into a tuk tuk. All these modes of transport will be used numerous times, as well as three internal flights and private drivers for some parts of the journey.


This will allow for a truly quintessential Indian experience. You'll be submerged in the sounds, smells and sights of India whilst darting in and out of local traffic amazed at how it all seems to just work. 

All your travel will be taken care of except for international flights to and from Chennai.

India is not an easy country to travel. The weather is often unpredictable and can be stinking hot one moment and pouring the next. From the heat you'll then find yourself trekking through mountains at high altitudes at temperatures below 10 degrees. On top of this there will be times in which you are sitting in bumpy buses on hairy roads and sitting in trains for extended periods of time. There is also not a lot of down time on this trip. For these reasons, a certain level of fitness and mental resilience is required.  Whilst you don't need to be an athlete, you do need to be capable of being uncomfortable. This, however, is part of the spiritual work of being in India; if you can find peace and comfort within the noise and discomfort...then you can do it anywhere. 

Application Process

This tour is for those who feel a calling to this ancient land and who desire inner peace, freedom and liberation from suffering, above all else. It's a journey that will require your active participation at every destination. This will often mean getting up early, going to bed late and being 100% ALL IN for the activities of the day. 


You'll be submerged in the teachings of Ramana &  Papaji who taught the process of 'self inquiry' as well as diving deep at Osho's, facing off with fears in Varanasi, and sitting in deep reflective silence in the mountains. A combination of process that will provide the perfect environment for a direct awakening if you will allow for it. You'll also have 24 hour guidance and support.


For these reasons not all applications will be accepted. Only those ready to discover the truth within their own hearts and embody peace within their lives will be invited. There is no better place than India to have everything false stripped away from you, leaving only the truth of your being to shine through your heart.

Application process:

  1. Fill in the application form 

  2. Wait for a response to see if your written application has been accepted

  3. Attend a 1-1 call 

  4. Pay deposit to secure your place

  5. Await further instruction

June 28th - July 18th 2020

Your Guide

Taken in the back streets of Varanasi, India 2018

Holly Angela Clark

I have been travelling to India since I was 17 years old and spent close to 12 months exploring it's many diverse facets; deeply fascinated and dedicated to the process of my own spiritual awakening. I am a student of Ramana & Papaji's and follow the process of 'self inquiry' for direct realization and also have a deep love and appreciation for the somatic exercises given to us by Osho for emotional liberation.

The greatest gift I believe anyone can give the world is that of their own awakening. Today I am a coach and guide who firstly aims to awaken myself, followed by gifting others the tools to do the same thing.


I'm no longer interested in the bells and whistles of life nor the distractions that keep us away from discovering the truth of who we are. Thus, I'm a strong advocate for going straight to the source and directly discovering that all you have been searching for is right where you are standing.  Nothing brings my heart more joy than to see people liberate themselves from suffering and there is no better place to face off with yourself and all that holds you back in life than India. If you can surrender and find peace here, not only will your eyes open to the breathtaking beauty of this country, but you'll be able to find peace anywhere.

It was during my last trip to India that I knew without a doubt it was time to open the doors for others to join me on these spiritual journeys I've been making for the past 13 years through this unbelievable country. 

Costs & Repayment Plans

Early bird = $4750

After Early Bird = $4950


  • 4 x Internal flights

  • All accommodation

  • All food

  • All transport

  • Robes and passes at Osho's ashram

  • Boat ride in Varanassi

  • All daily activities and tuk tuk's

  • 24 hour support and guidance

  • YOUphoria mentorship

  • 4 x Integration calls after the trip

Additional costs:

  • Return flights to & from Chennai ($500-$1000)

  • Indian visa  (approx $50)

  • Spending money 

*How much spending money you bring is totally up to you. However, most things are incredibly cheap in India and so $400 is usually plenty

Repayment plans


Before May 31st 2019 = $3997


Deposit = $500

Option 1: 24 x weekly payments of $145.70

Option 2: 36 x weekly payments of $97.15

Option 3: 52 x weekly payments of $67.25 

After May 31st 2019 = $4497


Deposit = $500

From June: 44 payments of  $90.84

From July: 40 payments of $99.93

From August: 36 x payments of $111.03

From September: 32 payments of $124.90

From October: 28 payments of $142.75

From November: 24 payments of $166.54

From December: 20 payments of $199.85

From January: 16 payments of $249.81

From February: 12 payments of $333.08 

Also included...

What is the 'YOUphoria' Mentorship Program?

My 'YOUphoria' Mentorship is my entry level program that's designed to peel back layers of false identity that people have built up around themselves over lifetimes.The program has been heavily influenced by the teachings of Ramana and Papaji  and also uses many Osho tools and techniques to help guide people back to themselves. 

For this reason it works perfectly as an adjunct to our travels through India. Therefore, you'll be receiving all the workbooks and exercises that come as part of the mentorship during the 21 days also. 

Topics covered include:


  • Integration & Clearing Cellular Trauma ~ the #1 reason you are being held back in life

  • Emotional Alchemy ~ mastering your emotions & using them as a pathway to awakening

  • Triggers and Conditioned Beliefs ~ understanding how to break all your old destructive patterns

  • Enlightenment ~ how to embody the consciousness frequency of oneness in your everyday daily life using self enquiry

  • Relationships ~ defining unconditional love and the power of NOW

  • Death ~ what happens when we leave the body and how to face our greatest fear with ease and grace.

  • Embodiment ~ living, breathing, creating and serving from a place of alignment. 

4 x integration calls

As part of this journey you will also have the option to attend 4 x 60 minute integration calls with myself and the group after the trip finishes. This will allow you to stay connected as well as to receive support and guidance as you integrate back into society after such a transformation and life changing experience. I feel that this is truly an integral part of the journey and often something that is missed.

Valued at $997


DATES: 28th June - 18th July 2019

DURATION: 21 days/ 22 nights

ROUTE: Chennai > Tiruvannamalai > Coimbatore > Pune > Lucknow > Varanasi > Spiti Valley (Kinnaur, Nako, Dhankhar, Kaza) > Manali 

GROUP SIZE: max 16 people

GUIDES: Holly Clark 

COST: Early bird $3997, after early bird $4497

DEPOSIT: $500 non-refundable 

STARTS & FINISHES: Chennai (or Delhi depending on flight costs)

TRANSPORT: taxi, auto rickshaw, train, bus & 4 x internal flights

INCLUDED: food, accommodation, internal travel, drivers, guides, all Osho expenses, YOUphoria, 4 x integration calls and 24 hour support

NOT INCLUDED: International flights, visa, spending money and any expenses at Manali if you choose to stay on longer than 21 days

"The kind of rest you seek you will find not from sleeping but, from Awakening"

~ A Course in Miracles